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How Daniel Roberts is Best Known among Property Investors

Like many successful people, Daniel Roberts was once a nobody. But he had a dream, and that would one day come true. He is now one of the top preferences for property developers in Australia. Having started from low ranks, his professional accomplishments can be attributed to his passion, background, and experiences.

He decided to establish his own company 7 years ago to provide investors with engineering services that would primarily address their goals. Quantus Solutions under his management is a team of competent professionals that are capable of handling documentary requirements and also resolving common issues in the course of project construction. Daniel Roberts Developer focuses on innovation and sustainability as his driving principles across his professional dealings.

Daniel has worked with many suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders with properties involving a huge amount of money. Over the years of practice, he has never encountered major issues that had put his name and integrity in question. He has a unique approach to deal with critical matters to protect the interests of clients and his company.

If you are thinking of consulting a professional developer right now, Daniel Roberts Builder could be the right person to provide you with quality services that guarantee a 100% success rate. Before talking to him, it is helpful that you bear in mind these tips on how to achieve your investment goals in property development:

  • Understand Everything about Property Development

More often, investors do not go the extra mile in having enough background on property development that they miss the key strategies to protect their interests. What should otherwise be done is having thorough research and proper calculation of costs, among the most essential aspects.

This is very crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of property development to attain the goals. It will never be easy under usual circumstances as the job would require the management of various people all throughout the process. Without sufficient knowledge would, therefore, lead to misinformed decisions.

In case you need some help to get the job done properly, it is advised to consult the designers, engineers, surveyors, building companies, or town planners depending on your concerns.

  • Assess the Market for Favorable Opportunities

Being fully aware of what is going on in the market can increase the chances of succeeding in development ventures. In this area, there are various things to consider, such as stages of the property cycle, growth opportunities that stimulate the economy, the people living in the area, and the cost that residents are willing to pay. The study on whether a project could succeed is best to anchor on matters that are directly associated with factors involved.

  • Access Helpful Resources to Make Sound Decisions 

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Research is the most basic yet the most crucial aspect as well. This begins from looking for an appropriate site until the project is completed. Once the location is determined, there are some things to inspect. They include zoning regulations and subdivision rules, the history of the place to check whether it is a heritage site, road widening plans of the local government, and planning policies, and structure plans that can affect the site.

  • Conduct a Feasibility Study 

After the determination of the project site, the next essential step is conducting the actual feasibility study. In this case, you would likely need professional help, as there are technical aspects that might need some clarity. This should particularly focus on the cost of the project and the number of dwellings that can be constructed in the area.

A good feasibility study includes calculation of overall costs, specific time-frame of the project, soil analysis, engineering and drainage requirements, location of services and utilities, corporate agreements, and political and community environment. Any lapses in the study could result in a potential loss on the part of the investor.

  • Know Your Rights

Being an investor, you have rights. You can decide which terms and conditions are favorable to you before making an agreement with a certain property developer. In case of disputes, there is also a system in place. Issues do not arise when both parties are clear on their agreements. However, to better understand how you can properly position yourself in the transaction, you need to familiarize all the aspects and factors that are involved in property development.

Those are the matters you have to focus on when you are planning to hire a professional builder. You can make well-informed decisions if you take them as your guide.

In terms of determining the right developer to carry out your plans, these are the qualities that must be considered:

  • Reputation

Does the property developer have a good reputation based on his previous projects? This would tell right away whether you will be working with a competent professional or not. You can look for records and sources that could provide you with enough information to get answers to this critical question.

  • Reliability

The best measure of reliability is the performance of the developer against professional metrics. Maybe as an investor, you have your own criteria. That’s good. However, you would find it more helpful to assess the company’s reliability on the basis of services and results. Again, you can check the records for this purpose.

  • Cost

Money is involved. This means you have something to lose if you fail to find the right developer for your investment. The cost speaks about the budget for the project and the returns that you can get in the long run. You have to discuss this with the company at the very outset.

  • Terms and Conditions

What are the agreements? Do they expose you to unwanted risks? Are there ways to arrange the agreement in a way that does not compromise your safety and interests? The best answer is to find the right builder that can guarantee hassle-free transactions and excellent service.

  • Dispute Management

Disputes might arise, so it’s also important to know how the property developer handles disputes in typical occasions. If there is an efficient system in place, then that’s good as it boosts confidence that things would be fine even when the process might become very challenging.

Daniel Roberts Newcastle wants his clients to be well-informed. That is why he is also making efforts to educate them on matters that would shed light on the processes involved in property development. He believes that a smart client is the one who can make the right decisions when looking for a professional builder to work with. 

Among many investors, Daniel Roberts is the best man for the job. 

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Daniel Roberts
Chartered Quantity Surveyor, founder of Quantus Solutions a boutique multi disciplinary company.

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